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People in Georgia got caught cold bringing in massive numbers of ballots and putting them in “voting” machines. Great job @BrianKempGA !

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People Georgia

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I’m wearing my abortion pin from @PPFA  to tonight’s State of the Union address. Abortion is essential healthcare and we need to codify this right.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders excerpts: "Every day, we are told that we must partake in their rituals, salute their flags, and worship their false idols"

Out of these close-fought brawls came some of the most iconic and heart-stopping moments in Super Bowl history:

Try these three South Australian tipples the next time you’re after some fabulous vin blanc and ‘feel’ how delicious they taste.

Here's the REAL state of our union: Our enemies aren't afraid. Our borders aren't secure. And our wages can't keep up with skyrocketing prices. The good news is we can change that, but it starts with Republicans refusing to cave to Democrats' radical tax-and-spend agenda.

The vice president and the House speaker appeared chatty and amiable in their first state of the union together on the rostrum. Two Californians of the same generation born fewer than 100 days apart.

Mtg w the community colleges of Iowa about how they benefit their communities

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Quick glimpse of the presidential limousine known as "The Beast" getting into position through the northwest gate to take President Biden to the Capitol later for the state of the union address.

Today, as we close out #GVSurvivorsWeek , I'm highlighting the story of Sheldon Fertig, a victim of gun violence. He was shot and killed in a holdup in his family’s store leaving behind 3 children. Learn more about Sheldon’s story here. #GVSurvivorsWeek