Donald J. Trump

Thank you to @SenTomCotton  for the really nice words on all we are doing, and have done. We will win!

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Good news for the doctors and nurses who valiantly took care of COVID patients, got COVID themselves, and who logically decided not to get vaccinated since nature already inoculated them.

State lawmakers across the country have bills written and ready to go that will restrict people’s right to vote in 2022. The way we put a stop to it? Passing the Freedom to Vote Act.

It’s not the majority of Americans who want Roe v. Wade gone— 75% of people agree health decisions should be between a woman and her doctor. It’s conservative justices who got pushed on the court through raw political power. Now we've got to stand up and fight back.

Nobody is above the law—and there may have been serious violations of securities laws during the proposed merger of Digital World Acquisition Corp & Trump’s media company. I'm glad @SEC_News  a @FINRAd  are investigating.

Democrats are willing to be complicit in the ongoing genocide of the Uyghurs by the Chinese Communist Party because it advances their green ideology.

Anger over botched-up operation in Nagaland: Should AFSPA be lifted? #Nagaland  #NagalandFiringF #NewsTodayir @sardesairajdeepng  | Watch full show:

Street gangs in the north of Central America frequently target women, girls and LGBTIQ+ people, forcing them into sexual slavery. We are calling for more effective action against gender-based violence in the region. #16days 

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer announce that The Honorable Robert J. Dole will lie in state in the United States Capitol Rotunda on Thursday.