Prime Minister / United Kingdom / China Virus

Just spoke with Prime Minister@BorisJohnson  of the United Kingdom. Very thankful for his friendship and support as I recovered from the China Virus. I am looking forward to working with him for many years to come, a great guy!

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Prime Minister / United Kingdom / China Virus

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The 5th Circuit just gutted the SEC's power to enforce securities law — meaning all other agencies’ enforcement power is now at risk. That means the government has essentially lost the ability to enforce regulations, something conservatives have been working towards for decades.

The Senate just passed the House-passed bill to address the baby formula shortage by helping parents who rely on the federal nutrition program WIC The crisis has especially hurt parents and children in underserved communities—and this bill to help is on its way to @POTUS’s desk

I wish Democrats would have a hearing on Soros DAs who get into office and then refuse to prosecute violent criminals. But that hearing doesn’t fit the Democrat political agenda.

Madison Cawthorn has just written that “the time for gentile politics as usual has come to an end."

JUST IN: House Jan. 6 committee asks GOP Rep. Loudermilk to appear

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It’s a little underrated that Trump’s “big lie” about the 2020 election is first and foremost an op on Republicans to avoid the normal cycle where everyone shits on the guy who blew the election and promising to nominate someone different next time.

Republican is blocking baby formula.

Johnny Depp attorney refuses to answer 75 questions from her lawyers