Donald J. Trump

Thank you, I will never let you down!


So let me get this right. The closing argument from the Trump campaign is Joe Biden is a Mr. Rogers who will listen to the scientists on COVID?

Only 15 days until Election Day. Make a plan and vote early.

Speaking at the Grand Challenges Annual Meeting 2020.

President @realDonaldTrump : Human trafficking erodes personal dignity and destroys the moral fabric of society. It is an affront to humanity that tragically reaches all parts of the world. #EndTrafficking 

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I haven’t had a call from the NYT in two years says the president, who spoke for 40 minutes with @peterbakernyt  just before his speech for the RNC less than two months ago, on a call with staff just now.

The face of former PM @theresa_may  is an absolute picture when @michaelgove  tells her British people would be safer from crime and terrorism if the government fails to agree crime and security agreements with EU. She could seen saying “what?!!!!!”

Update on our border: We’ve extended the measures in place at the Canada-US border by another 30 days. Non-essential travel remains restricted until at least November 21st.

Closing MessageQuestion of the day for Joe Biden   Are you in hiding most of this week because you are only willing to answer milkshake-related questions?

Trump says every time Fauci goes on TV it's a "bomb," but it's a "bigger bomb if you fire him."

The polls have been in something of a holding pattern for the past few days, with two distinguishing features. First, Biden's lead in national polls is very steady. It was 10.4 points a week ago and it's 10.7 points now.

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