Presidential Debates / Mini Mike / Fake News

A so-called reporter named @JohnJHarwood , who bombed so badly in the 2016 Presidential Debates that I thought he was going to be immediately fired (a Mini Mike type performance), is now with Fake News@CNN . A total loser!

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Presidential Debates / Mini Mike / Fake News

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Partners HealthCare CEO Anne Klibanski, who makes between $2M and $6M every year, has refused to pay her hospital staff hazard pay during this crisis. Last year, the company made $485M in profit. The American health care system is beyond broken.

President Trump could sign an executive order TODAY giving hazard pay to our frontline federal workers hazard pay. These are brave people on the frontlines of this fight. If he doesn’t, we’ll do everything we can to make sure frontline workers get the hazard pay they deserve.

How is this not impeachable, or even criminal? How?

You don’t need an authoritarian state to fight coronavirus effectively. Germany, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan are doing very well. You need a government that prioritizes science and expertise. And a population that considers their authority legitimate.

Every day we ask our healthcare system to do the impossible. They pull off miracles daily to balance patient loads and supplies. Thank you to the hospital administrators and thank you especially & profusely to the frontline healthcare workers. Your service is awe-inspiring.

“They are putting themselves at risk” - Dr. Fauci just now on the eight states including Nebraska who do not have stay at home orders.

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Cabin Fever. I have it, you have it. What are you doing to help keep it at bay?

In response to @narendramodi  ji’s call, I have joined my fellow citizens to light candles, pramithalu (diyas) and remind ourselves of our shared responsibility to defeat #Coronavirus  together #9 बजे9मिनट #9baje9mintues