Pete Rose / Major League Baseball / Time

Pete Rose played Major League Baseball for 24 seasons, from 1963-1986, and had more hits, 4,256, than any other player (by a wide margin). He gambled, but only on his own team winning, and paid a decades long price. GET PETE ROSE INTO THE BASEBALL HALL OF FAME. It’s Time!

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Pete Rose / Major League Baseball / Time

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If You’re Aghast at What Fauci Does to Dogs, You Should See What the Government Does to People | Hannah Cox

Leaving aside that COVID’s proven more lethal to law enforcement than criminals in the past year, the defiance of Chicago police to a vaccine mandate raises a disturbing question: What happens when those we rely on to enforce the law pick and choose rules w/which they’ll comply?

The FDA and CDC need to start listening to these stories. It is well past time to stop ignoring the vaccine injured especially when our federal health agencies are considering approving vaccination for children.

I find it remarkable that the president is flying to Glasgow, but says he doesn’t have time to visit our southern border.

Democrats’ plan to spy on the bank accounts of nearly every American to help pay for their reckless tax-and-spend spree is a huge violation of privacy and poses a major risk to data security.

3:20:01 p.m. - #HR2119  - On agreeing to the Scott (VA) amendments; Agreed to by the Yeas and Nays: (Roll no. 334).

It's time to build a better future for our children by passing the #BuildBackBetter  Budget.

JUST IN: Terror Groups in Afghanistan Could Attack US Next Year, Pentagon Policy Chief Says |

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WASHINGTON (AP) — FDA advisers endorse Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine for children ages 5 to 11.