Democrats Country / Caucus / Brad Blakeman / Iowa / Dems / Mini Mike Bloomberg

“The Democrats want to run a Country, and they can’t run a Caucus.” Brad Blakeman@FoxNews  Iowa is a complete disaster for the Dems. They should bring in Mini Mike Bloomberg ASAP!

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Democrats Country / Caucus / Brad Blakeman / Iowa / Dems / Mini Mike Bloomberg

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President Trump: "I think [Coronavirus] is a problem that's going to go away, but we lost almost a thousand points yesterday on the market and that's something you know -- things like that happen where and you have it in your business all the time -- had nothing to do with you."

Trump says Russia, Syria, and Iran can fight ISIS (“Iran should do it; Iran hates ISIS”) and U.S. troops are now in Syria “guarding the oil,” which is not what his own chain-of-command says they’re doing there. Hard to overstate how crazy this is. @atrupar 

I have said that India and Pakistan will work out their problems. They have been doing it for a long time. I don’t want to discuss the CAA. I want to leave that to India & they are going to make the right decision for the people: President@realDonaldTrump 

USCN@SecretarySonny  & @USTradeRep  Lighthizer announced today that China has taken numerous actions to begin implementing its agriculture-related commitments under the landmark U.S.-China Phase One Economic & Trade Agreement on schedule -

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This chart is the best explanation of middle-class finances you will ever see - The Washington Post

"[Biden] suddenly recalls being arrested in South Africa — and being thanked by Mandela for being arrested. There is no evidence for either claim; neither appears remotely credible. Biden earns Four Pinocchios."

The United States received an incredible welcome from the people of India! USIN

This morning Trump said: "Last year was the first year in 51 years where prescription drug prices went down.” Mostly False