Chuck Schumer / Obama Administration / China / United States / Democrats / Chuck

Chuck Schumer sat for years during the Obama Administration and watched as China ripped off the United States. He & the Do Nothing Democrats did NOTHING as this $ carnage took place. Now, without even seeing it, he snipes at our GREAT new deal with China. Too bad Cryin’ Chuck!

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Chuck Schumer / Obama Administration / China / United States / Democrats / Chuck

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FYI, Spain saying it had 0 deaths in a day is complete and total bullshit.

New fencing, barriers erected around the White House.

New #Ebola  outbreak detected in northwest Democratic Republic of the Congo; WHO surge team supporting the response

Decider: “HBO’s ‘Watchmen’ Was Ahead of its Time — By 9 Months

GOP votes to give chairman authority to subpoena Obama officials

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BREAKING: VA Gov. Ralph Northam announces statue of Robert E. Lee to be removed. "Yes, that statue has been there for a long time. But it was wrong then, and it is wrong now. So we're taking it down."

The Charlotte City Council, as well as local governments across the country, should immediately and permanently ban the use of tear gas by police departments. Weapons that are illegal in war should never be used on American soil, especially against our own people. #cltcc  @CMPD 

#BREAKING : Police say YouTuber Jake Paul has been charged with criminal trespass and unlawful assembly in connection to riots at Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall on May 30.