Louisiana / Radical Liberal John Bel / Louisiana Patriot

This Saturday, the eyes of history are looking at the people of Louisiana. If you want to defend your values, your jobs, and your freedom, then you need to REPLACE Radical Liberal John Bel Edwards with a true Louisiana Patriot: @EddieRispone ! #GeauxVote 

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Louisiana / Radical Liberal John Bel / Louisiana Patriot

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I don't think it's radical to say schoolchildren should not have "lunch debt." If we can give tax breaks to billionaires we can guarantee free, universal school meals to all our kids.

FLASHBACK TO 1981: Bernie is asked: "Are you a Capitalist?" BERNIE: "No, I am not a Capitalist."

I'm asking you to join this movement not just to support me. I'm asking you to join this movement to stand with those who can't afford health insurance, with the 500,000 people who sleep on the streets, with the children who deserve to live on a healthy and habitable planet.

A.G. Barr advocating for ‘clean renewal’ of Patriot Act without any legislation to reform FISA is a disservice to @realDonaldTrump  and should be roundly defeated. The secret FISA court should be forbidden from allowing spying on political campaigns ever again — period!

"I don't think the president knows what he's talking about -- once again," Pelosi on Trump saying Coronavirus is under control.

I’ve often thought that in the future, threats to national security will come more from climate change and pathogens than missiles and tanks. And by the future, I mean now. Science must be considered vital to our national defense, and scientists given the support they need.

Criminal justice reform. Health care as a right. A living wage. Free, universal child care. Tuition-free higher education. These are not radical ideas. They're what the American people want. Live in North Charleston:

@_Ipsos  In terms of net favorability ratings, Biden’s improved the most, while Warren’s worsened the most. Again, these aren’t big changes, though. Bloomberg had net-negative favorables among Democratic voters in both the pre- and post-debate version of our poll. https:

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Kamal Sharma, whose restaurant was burnt down during #DelhiViolence  on Monday, narrates the ordeal. #NewsToday  @sardesairajdeep 

CNN believes there’s a yuuuuuge difference between a baby and a “fetus that was born during an abortion.” If the “fetus” survives, how long will they call it a “fetus”? Will “it” still be a fetus when it graduates college?) Free college of course, courtesy of Bolshevik Bernie!