Mark Levin / Trumpers / Witch Hunt

Mark Levin, a great lawyer and scholar, said last night on his @marklevinshow , that all you have to do is read the transcript of the call, you do not need Never Trumpers or other witnesses to say what it means or says. It is plainly and very well stated for all to see. Witch Hunt

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Mark Levin / Trumpers / Witch Hunt

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They tried to cancel Thanksgiving. Didn’t work! They’re coming for Christmas next.

In the middle of a pandemic, Walmart and Amazon have hauled in $30B in profit this year, but have still cut hazard pay for their employees. This is what a rigged system looks like.

BREAKING: The 3rd Circuit Court of appeals has affirmed last weekend’s ruling dismissing the Trump lawsuit in Pennsylvania that was argued by Rudy Giuliani.

@SecPompeo : Everybody who joined the Abraham Accords will see the benefits for their own people. I am highly confident that many, many more nations will choose to do the right thing and recognize Israel as the rightful homeland of the Jewish people.

Thank you to everyone who tagged me in @Official_tylerg’s video. I was able to call him before Thanksgiving to tell him how much I appreciate him sharing his gift with all of us.

BREAKING: Republican David Valadao wins election to U.S. House in California's 21st Congressional District, beating incumbent Rep. TJ Cox. #APracecall  at 10:32 a.m. PST. #Election2020  #CAelection 

Please continue to wear a mask and practice social distancing. Let's do what we can to keep our loved ones and communities safe this holiday season.

Assassination of Iran nuclear chief isn’t meant to start a war. It’s to prevent the return of the nuclear deal.

I have not yet been briefed on this incident, but: Every time America or an ally assassinates a foreign leader outside a declaration of war, we normalize the tactic as a tool of statecraft. The risk is that the security benefit can be very short lived.

(1/3) Building on work with the National Native Homeownership Coalition, the Center for Indian Country Development (CICD) at the Minneapolis Fed led an effort to share a wide range of knowledge and best practices in one publication.