Donald J. Trump

ISIS has a new leader. We know exactly who he is!

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Just a casual reminder that the richest 1% of Americans is responsible for 70% of all unpaid taxes.

Voting by mail shouldn't be a partisan issue––especially during a pandemic. Everybody should be able to request an absentee ballot, and make their voice heard in every election.

It’s been 122 days since Breonna Taylor was murdered in her own home. The officers who killed her are still walking free. I will never stop demanding justice for her family and loved ones.

Get registered and find out how you can vote by mail at .

When the biggest liar who ever occupied the Oval Office is saying everyone is a liar, you know he is afraid of the truth.

There are more than 35M people living with a disability who are eligible to vote. But too often voting is inaccessible. This National Disability Voter Registration Week, I’m calling on Congress to pass my VoteSafe Act to make voting in the age of coronavirus accessible for all.

“My Administration is pro-safety, pro-police, and anti-crime.” @realDonaldTrump 

NEW DOCS: "Judicial Watch Obtains Records Showing #FDA  Paid for ‘Fresh and Never Frozen’ Human Fetal Parts for Use In ‘Humanized Mice’ Creation." #abortion  Read:

1/ Five years ago today, #SandraBland  was found dead in a rural Texas jail cell. Legislation sparked by the outrage over her death was mostly stripped of racial profiling and police reform measures before the #txlege  passed it. Here’s where things stand.

An RNC spokesman has deleted this tweet

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