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Good job, I must say, by Bob Woodward on “Deface the Nation.” The CBS no name host(ess), and other guest, Peter Baker of The Failing New York Times, were totally biased, boring and wrong (as usual), but Woodward was cool, calm and interesting. Thank you Bob!

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Bob Woodward / Nation / Peter Baker Failing York / Woodward

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The facts are on the President’s side. The process certainly is not.

My Republican colleagues suggest that since Trump's Ukraine scheme failed, since someone blew the whistle and the aid was ultimately released, that it doesn’t really matter if he tried to bribe a foreign power with military aid. The Constitution says otherwise.

The top 1% owe 70% of unpaid taxes. Collecting less than a third of those taxes can fund all of this: 🎓 Tuition-free college for all 🏡 A Green New Deal for public housing 🚰 Clean tap water for all 🍝 Universal school meals Don't tell me we can't afford to live with dignity.

Such a critical point from Jeremy Corbyn: "Get Brexit Done" is a total line, a con, because we'll be stuck with years and years of trade negotiations #LeadersDebate 

No one can question VP Pence’s loyalty to @realDonaldTrump . Yet, Jennifer Williams testified that despite Pence having the 7/25 transcript of Trump/Zelensky call, he didn’t bring up Trump’s shakedown requests when he later met w/ Zelensky. Why not? He knew it was wrong.

Vindman on why he reported concerns about Trump’s July 25th call: “because that was my duty.”

“This is scary what these guys are putting our country through. It is sad. It is scary and it is wrong, and the good news is that the American people see through it all, and they know the facts are on the President's side.” - @Jim_Jordan 

Today at 5:25pm EST I & my colleagues will be moving to pass the #HongKong  Human Rights & Democracy Act in the U.S. Senate. If no Senator objects it will pass & head over to the U.S. House & then hopefully swiftly to the President.

Jordan really pressing Vindman. “The instructions from the lawyer was you shouldn’t talk to anybody, and you interpret that as don’t talk to my boss but I’m going to go talk to someone that we can’t even ask you who that individual is”