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Oil production is up an incredible 110 percent—PLUS, New Mexico's entire mining and logging sector has seen a 40 percent increase in jobs since President Trump’s election!

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“This means more jobs, higher wages, and American energy independence, which is what we have.” @realDonaldTrump 

Americans need an Intelligence Committee that can be trusted, and Representative#AdamSchiff  has proven that he cannot be trusted with classified information. RETWEET if you agree & click HERE:

Pharmaceutical companies don't donate to our campaign and we don't want their money. We want to take on their greed and slash Americans' prescription drug costs in half.

Born in The Bronx, NYC to Puerto Rican parents, Justice Sotomayor decided to become a lawyer while watching “Perry Mason” at age 10. And we couldn’t be more thankful that she did. She is truly an inspiration — and an invaluable voice on the court! #HispanicHeritageMonth 

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The #Muellerinvestigation  was anything but neutral. Do you think we should investigate the investigators? RETWEET if you agree & SIGN HERE:

WH says Corey Lewandowski can’t talk about conversations with the president not contained in Mueller report. Lewandowski was never a WH employee.

Tonight, @realDonaldTrump  will take the stage in New Mexico to tout the economic boom taking place in the state thanks to the President’s leadership!

We are learning how much of a president’s legitimacy on the world stage is built on credibility... or a lack thereof.