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. @ColbyCovMMA  just got a call from @realDonaldTrump  in the middle of his post-fight interview 🔥

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Internal records: Census officials warned that Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross' orders to end the 2020 census early risked producing a tally of "unacceptable quality" with "fatal flaws" that carries the stain of "politically manipulated results"

There's still 44 days and 2 hours until the election, so we'll see what happens... but Biden remains the only challenger in the polling era to be leading a president wire to wire.

OUR VIEW: The election isn't a reason to shy away from the nominate-advise-and-consent process. Instead, @realDonaldTrump  should see this vacancy as an opportunity to make it clear what this election is about.

Held separate virtual meetings with @futurereadysg ’s @mas_sgl '>International Advisory Counc @MAS_sgl  & ’s International Advisory Panel over the past two evenings. Such dialogues are useful to shape Singapore’s strategies & keep on top of global trends. – LHL

Trump Describes Journalist Hit By Rubber Bullet As ‘A Beautiful Sight’

Covid-19 has raised the issue of using traditional medicines to battle contemporary diseases

The trial run of the new trains started from Friday on the broad gauge tracks whose construction was completed last year

People in England who refuse to self-isolate to stop the spread of coronavirus could face fines

Trump focused some on his second term agenda, but seemed most animated by the past and television coverage