Apple Tariff / Mac Pro China / Tariffs

Apple will not be given Tariff waiver, or relief, for Mac Pro parts that are made in China. Make them in the USA, no Tariffs!

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Apple Tariff / Mac Pro China / Tariffs

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Just concluded a very good meeting on preventing Mass Shootings. Talks are ongoing w/ both Republicans & Democrats. We are likewise engaging with lawful gun owners, survivors, grieving family members, law enforcement, the NRA, mental health professionals, and school officials...

...I am hopeful Congress will engage with my Team to pass meaningful legislation that will make a real difference and, most importantly, Save Lives!

Check out a FANTASTIC new book, “STILL WINNING – Why America Went All In On Donald Trump-And Why We Must Do It Again” by the great writer, @CharlesHurt . An excellent read. Thank you!

Congratulations to the GREAT Bob Cousy!

I can tell you this: As president, I won’t be exchanging love letters with Kim Jong-un.

I couldn’t agree more, @EmmanuelMacron . We did lots of work to protect the environment at the #G7  last year in Charlevoix, & we need to continue this weekend. We need to #ActForTheAmazon  & act for our planet — our kids & grandkids are counting on us.

With Denmark in the news, perhaps an opportunity to turn to the tales of the great Danish author Hans Christian Andersen. For some reason his classic “The Emperor’s New Clothes” comes to mind.

A health care system that says, "You and your family are going to lose your home because you got sick," is a system that is barbaric.

We are the strongest campaign to defeat Donald Trump, and we'll do it by bringing millions of people into the political process, in every corner of this country, and build a movement based on justice. Thank you, Sacramento!

Why was it "normal" for taxpayers to bail out the bankers who wrecked our economy, but asking Wall Street to bail out our young people now is "radical"? Watch our full conversation with millennials in Miami premiering on @TheRoot  tomorrow: