Real Deal / Decade Fighting Battles Winning / Wars Trump / George Sorial / Damian Bates

New book just out, “The Real Deal, My Decade Fighting Battles and Winning Wars With Trump,” is really wonderful. It is written by two people who are very smart & know me well, George Sorial & Damian Bates, as opposed to all the books where the author has no clue who I am. ENJOY!

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Real Deal / Decade Fighting Battles Winning / Wars Trump / George Sorial / Damian Bates

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The labour movement stands united in opposing Boris Johnson's sell out Brexit deal. This deal is a blatant attempt to dismantle our hard won workers' rights, consumer protections and environmental standards. Tomorrow, we'll come together to reject it.

Shouldn’t these stories contain the obligatory phrase “without evidence,” as the so often do when it’s Trump making the accusation?

I am joining Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tomorrow to officially & publicly endorse a true hero of the people, Senator Bernie Sanders, as our next President of the United States! I will speak tomorrow for him at his “Bernie Is Back!” rally at 1pm in Queensbridge Park in NYC. Join us!

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President Trump’s weak and feckless leadership is putting our national security at risk. After another week of President Trump-created chaos in Northern Syria, the president still has no discernible plan to secure the enduring defeat of ISIS.

Corporate greed is tearing this country apart and we're going to end that.

"a puzzling assertion that the U.S. had 'taken control' of oil fields..."

State Department probe of Clinton emails finds no deliberate mishandling of classified information

. @senatemajldr ⁩ op-ed - “Withdrawing from Syria is a grave mistake” - The Washington Post

Honored you took my words to heart (and arm), @jaedyn01_  ♥️

FL Rep Rooney showing more guts than most GOP colleagues: “I didn’t take this job to keep it,” he said. “I took this job to do the right thing at all times - the right thing. And if that means I got to go find, go back to my other job, that’s okay, too.”