Corrupt Media / Trump Administration / Fake News

I know it is not at all “Presidential” to hit back at the Corrupt Media, or people who work for the Corrupt Media, when they make false statements about me or the Trump Administration. Problem is, if you don’t hit back, people believe the Fake News is true. So we’ll hit back!

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Corrupt Media / Trump Administration / Fake News

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Think of how many lives we saved in Syria and Turkey by getting a ceasefire yesterday. Thousands and thousands, and maybe many more!


President Trump has demonstrated an uncanny ability to repeatedly get ignored or rolled by despots like Erdogan and Putin without getting anything in return.

The labour movement stands united in opposing Boris Johnson's sell out Brexit deal. This deal is a blatant attempt to dismantle our hard won workers' rights, consumer protections and environmental standards. Tomorrow, we'll come together to reject it.

Shouldn’t these stories contain the obligatory phrase “without evidence,” as the so often do when it’s Trump making the accusation?

Corporate greed is tearing this country apart and we're going to end that.

When it comes to Medicare for All, here is the question: Do we stand with the American people? Or are we going to continue to allow private insurance companies to make obscene profits off human suffering? I know where I stand.

State Department probe of Clinton emails finds no deliberate mishandling of classified information

"a puzzling assertion that the U.S. had 'taken control' of oil fields..."

"Please stand by for a call from the President of the United States." Congratulations to @NASA  astronauts @Astro_Christina  and @Astro_Jessica  on today's historic #AllWomanSpacewalk ! 👩‍🚀