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Donald J. Trump
during the 2016 presidential election the attorney general has also been delegated full and complete authority
....during the 2016 Presidential election. The Attorney General has also been delegated full and complete authority to declassify information pertaining to this investigation, in accordance with the long-established standards for handling classified information....

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Jack Kingston
mueller impeachment dog whistle works presidential hopefuls leap on board politicalfundraising
.#Mueller impeachment dog whistle works. #Presidential hopefuls leap on board. #PoliticalFundRaising
News 4, WIVB-TV
breaking former vice president joe biden launches 2020 democratic presidential campaign
코리아헤럴드 Korea Herald
kominjung named new presidential spokesperson
FOX 5 Atlanta
tmzlive is coming up next with presidential candidate petebuttigieg tmzlive
.@TMZLive is coming up NEXT with #Presidential #candidate @PeteButtigieg.
Steve Forbes
howardschultz exploring a presidential run
.@HowardSchultz: Exploring a #presidential run.
Rasmussen Reports
democrats see number of presidential candidates as a mixed blessing
Chuck Bluestein
question on quora is the us presidential limo called the beast
Question on @Quora: Is the U.S. #presidential limo called 'The #Beast'?
Big Tigger
happy presidentsday miss you barackobama never saw anything so presidential salute
Happy #PresidentsDay... miss you @barackobama ... never saw anything so #Presidential #Salute
Cameron McWhirter
democrat corybooker newjersey senator announces a presidential bid via wsj
#Democrat #CoryBooker, #NewJersey senator, announces a #presidential bid via @WSJ
teleSUR English
elsalvador closing of the presidential campaign to be held next sunday february 3 pictures fmlnoficial
#ElSalvador | Closing of the #presidential #campaign to be held next Sunday, February 3.

pictures: @FMLNoficial
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Robert Peston
the tactics of the oxford union if true no way to choose a prime minister juvenile and pathetic and would brin
The tactics of the Oxford Union if true. No way to choose a prime minister. Juvenile and pathetic. And would bring Tory Party into disrepute
Caroline Lucas
heathrow is already the biggest carbon polluter in uk it plans to expand by 50 it says this will happen in a s
Heathrow is already the biggest carbon polluter in UK

It plans to expand by 50%

It says this will happen in a "sustainable" way with regard to environmental impacts

Sustainability + more flights = an impossibility

Newt Gingrich
fbi agreed to not look at any clinton emails involving the clinton foundation but manafort was held for months
FBI agreed to not look at any Clinton emails involving the Clinton Foundation but Manafort was held for months in solitary confinement. And people want us to believe the system was not biased or corrupt!
The Independent
former uefa president michel platini arrested over giving world cup to qatar
Former Uefa president Michel Platini arrested over giving World Cup to Qatar
Julia Gillard
thanks to kate who passed this note to me on a flight recently i didnt get to meet you to thank you but i real
Thanks to Kate, who passed this note to me on a flight recently. I didn’t get to meet you to thank you, but I really appreciate your generous words.
Rouquié Georges
news 5
News 5
Matt Chorley
taking the conserve out of conservatives tory members would destroy anything but brexit
Taking the “conserve” out of Conservatives.

Tory members would destroy anything, but Brexit
Shashi Tharoor
an honour to be sworn in for the third time to represent thiruvananthapuram in the lok sabha went straight fro
An honour to be sworn in for the third time to represent Thiruvananthapuram in the Lok Sabha! Went straight from the airport to the House. It’s good to be back in Parliament & to hail many old and new friends & colleagues.
British Army
today marks the 204th anniversary of the allied victory at waterloo on that day in a belgian field 107000 brit
Today marks the 204th anniversary of the Allied victory at Waterloo. On that day, in a Belgian field, 107,000 British and Allied soldiers faced 124,000 French soldiers and defeated them with Prussian help. It was a battle that would decide European politics for almost 100 years.
The Hill
@thehill 2 hours
trump baby blimp expected to great president for orlando rally
Trump baby blimp expected to great president for Orlando rally
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