Mary Barra / Motors / Lordstown Plant Workhorse / Electric Trucks / Ohio

GREAT NEWS FOR OHIO! Just spoke to Mary Barra, CEO of General Motors, who informed me that, subject to a UAW agreement etc., GM will be selling their beautiful Lordstown Plant to Workhorse, where they plan to build Electric Trucks. GM will also be spending $700,000,000 in Ohio...

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Mary Barra / Motors / Lordstown Plant Workhorse / Electric Trucks / Ohio

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We are in a battle for the soul of this nation. But together, it's a battle we can win. @JoeBiden —I'm ready to get to work.

Unlike the "very stable genius" I'm not a religious scholar. But somewhere I read that pathological lying and providing tax breaks for the rich, while ignoring the pain of the hungry, the homeless and the sick is not exactly following the golden rule.

At 11 AM on Thursday, 13th August, the platform for “Transparent Taxation – Honoring the Honest” would be launched. This adds strength to our efforts of reforming and simplifying our tax system. It will benefit several honest tax payers, whose hardwork powers national progress.

Never forget how Kamala tried to pressure Elizabeth Warren to agree with her on banning President Trump from Twitter. She completely embarrassed herself.

In what world does Michael Flynn get prosecuted, but rioters in Portland don’t?

We are deeply saddened by the sudden demise of Shri Rajiv Tyagi. A staunch Congressman & a true patriot. Our thoughts and prayers are with his families & friends in this time of grief.

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NEW- Kanye West met with Jared Kushner last weekend in CO, as West continues with an effort he has indicated is aimed to harm Biden.

Trump’s new Postmaster General, a top Republican donor, has tens of millions of dollars invested in the Postal Service’s competitors. How could he possibly have the @USPS ’s best interests in mind? We have to keep speaking out to protect our post offices.

A man arrives to check into a hotel, is told by the front-desk clerk the hotel requires a temperature check. The entitled guest objects, attacks the clerk, comes to regret it quickly. A satisfying outcome, but a reminder of the undue burden on low-paid workers (video: @em_com ):