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Donald J. Trump
great interview by jared nice to have extraordinarily smart people serving our country
Great interview by Jared. Nice to have extraordinarily smart people serving our Country!
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Jeremy Corbyn MP
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vote labour on thursday to defeat the far right marr ridge
Vote Labour on Thursday to defeat the far right. #Marr #Ridge
@BJP4India 40 minutes
live media briefing by smt nsitharaman at bjp hq jeetegatomodihi
LIVE: Media briefing by Smt. @nsitharaman at BJP HQ. #JeetegaToModiHi
Yanis Varoufakis
my daughter s reaction to the news of the australian election goodbye abc goodbye great barrier reef goodbye p
My daughter's reaction to the news of the Australian election: Goodbye ABC, goodbye Great Barrier Reef, goodbye public services, goodbye renewable energy, goodbye public health, goodbye public education and goodbye stunning river systems.
The Royal Family
wishing the duke and duchess of sussex a very happy wedding anniversary today marks one year since their royal
Wishing The Duke and Duchess of Sussex a very happy wedding anniversary.

Today marks one year since Their Royal Highnesses exchanged vows at St George’s Chapel in the grounds of Windsor Castle.
Narendra Modi
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blessed morning at kedarnath
Blessed morning at Kedarnath.
The Labour Party
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in thursday s european elections it s labour or the hard right don t let fear win here
In Thursday's European elections it's Labour or the hard right. Don't let fear win here.
United Nations
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secretary general antonio guterres is calling on the worlds decision makers to make enlightened choices on bec
Secretary-General António Guterres is calling on the world’s decision-makers to make enlightened choices on #climateaction because the whole planet is at stake.
India Today
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bengal poll violence bombs hurled in mathurapur watch live with
The Independent
exclusive nigel farage facing investigation by eu authorities over lavish gifts from millionaire tycoon
Exclusive: Nigel Farage facing investigation by EU authorities over lavish gifts from millionaire tycoon
The Hill
@thehill 2 hours
facebook temporarily suspends conservative commentator candace owens
Facebook temporarily suspends conservative commentator Candace Owens
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