Fake News Media / Democrat Witch Hunt / President / Mueller Report

The Fake News Media has lost tremendous credibility with its corrupt coverage of the illegal Democrat Witch Hunt of your all time favorite duly elected President, me! T.V. ratings of CNN & MSNBC tanked last night after seeing the Mueller Report statement. up BIG!

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Fake News Media / Democrat Witch Hunt / President / Mueller Report

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“I think lying to federal investigators he should be prosecuted for,” VP chief of staff Marc Short says on Fox when asked about Roger Stone, breaking from Trump’s claim of an unfair prosecution

How Trump will see a deeply sanitised version of India on his first visit

South Carolina's @WhipClyburn  tells @chucktodd  just now that he will make an endorsement on Wednesday morning.

@BharatTiwari  Well done! Here's @htTweets ' translation: “It is clear from these walls/ He is very good at showing off/ He measures this journey from poverty to wealth in a few moments/All he does,Tharoor, is that/He covers the truth ... with walls.”

Sotomayor accuses conservative Supreme Court colleagues of bias in favor of Trump administration

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Sanders blew away a half dozen major rivals to win the first voting state to feature significant diversity.

"There's no chance that I won't endorse" before the primary, @Clyburn  says on . "#MTPt '>#MTPt  would not be good for me to hold myself out as a person who has been in South Carolina politics for as long as I've been and not say [it] to people who've been asking me."

Chris Christie: “The only dream for Republicans that is more than Bernie Sanders just marching to this nomination, is him not … if they ever throw this to Biden or someone else on the second ballot, this will be a destroyed Democratic Party.”

On NBC4 just now with Adam Tuss, Metro GM Paul Weidefeld acknowledges he's been contacted by London to run its transit system, suggests he's not leaving but wasn't 100% definitive. His Metro contract is up next year. @kojoshow  @wcp  @nbcwashington