Devin Nunes Files / Defamation Lawsuit / Anonymous Accounts

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Devin Nunes Files / Defamation Lawsuit / Anonymous Accounts

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CDC and my Administration are doing a GREAT job of handling Coronavirus, including the very early closing of our borders to certain areas of the world. It was opposed by the Dems, “too soon”, but turned out to be the correct decision. No matter how well we do, however, the.....

52% in the new Rasmussen Poll. 95% Approval Rating in the Republican Party. Thank you!

Bernie Sanders killing it on foreign policy. What an answer. "Occasionally it might be a good idea to be honest about American foreign policy," says Sanders, before going on to mention the coups and regime change wars carried out by the US around the world. #DemDebate 

"I said this to President Castro in Cuba. Look you've made great progress in educating young people...Medical care. The life expectancy of Cubans is equivalent to the United States despite it being a very poor country because they have access to health care." – President Obama

....Democrats talking point is that we are doing badly. If the virus disappeared tomorrow, they would say we did a really poor, and even incompetent, job. Not fair, but it is what it is. So far, by the way, we have not had one death. Let’s keep it that way!

We are going to legalize marijuana on day one of my presidency. #DemDebate 

The audience at the debate — tickets to get in cost up to $3,200. No surprise to see Bloomberg get some cheers. Is there any joy in watching this debate?

My opponents would like you to think the ideas that we're talking about are radical. They're not. They're what the American people want. #DemDebate 

To recap tonight’s Democratic debate. If they are elected you will get govt controlled internet, energy, schools and health care. And as a bonus, reefer for everyone!

Mayor Bloomberg has a solid and strong and enthusiastic base of support. Problem is, they're all billionaires. #DemDebate