Washington Post / President Donald / Covington / Fake News

“The Washington Post ignored basic journalistic standards because it wanted to advance its well-known and easily documented biased agenda against President Donald J. Trump.” Covington student suing WAPO. Go get them Nick. Fake News!

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Washington Post / President Donald / Covington / Fake News

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Proud citizens like you helped build this Country—and together, we are taking back our Country. We are returning power to YOU, the American People! Get out and VOTE — so we can MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

Who is Miles Taylor? Said he was “anonymous”, but I don’t know him - never even heard of him. Just another @nytimes  SCAM - he worked in conjunction with them. Also worked for Big Tech’s @Google . Now works for Fake News@CNN . They should fire, shame, and punish everybody....

I’m NOT just running against Joe Biden—I’m running against the left-wing media, the Big Tech giants, and the wretched Washington Swamp. They have nothing but disdain for you and your values—get out and VOTE to #MAGA !

I just want to live in an America where I can give my grandson a hug.

Walter Wallace should be alive today, and our thoughts are with his loved ones. The police responsible for murdering him in front of his mother instead of getting him the medical attention he needed should be arrested, investigated, and prosecuted by the Justice Department.

2019 monthly cost of: Humira for Arthritis: United States: $3,400 Canada: $1,200 Norway: $900 Januvia for Diabetes: United States: $331 Canada: $68 Norway: $34 Advair for Asthma: United States: $310 Canada: $74 France: $35 Norway: $24 Is that what Trump means by America 1st?

It's either 4 more years of Trump's failed leadership - worsening the economy & the pandemic - or a fresh start with @JoeBiden , who will get our country back on track & improve the lives of all Americans. Families in FL deserve a real leader as president - and that’s @JoeBiden .

Trump on Miles Taylor at Phoenix area rally: “he should be prosecuted.”

Just remember — the history text books will look back on this moment and not cover it at all because classes always run out of time around WWII.