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How do we unlock Britain’s economy? An interview with Bim Afolami MP - @reactionlife 

New Post: With time running short, a No Deal Brexit is increasingly likely

Coronavirus success stories in Central Europe are being overlooked. Slovakia, home to 5 million people, has so far had only 28 Covid-19 deaths and only 1,607 infections. Jan Culik & Mirna Solic - @reactionlife 

British policymakers understand better than their European counterparts that the purpose of financial regulation is not to protect the market as it is, but to allow it to evolve and improve. Hugo Bromley on Britain’s post-Brexit financial services

After the tragic impact of the coronavirus crisis in care homes, reforming Britain’s social care has never been more urgent Joseph Rachman@rachman_joseph)  reports on the betrayal of the UK’s care homes - @reactionlife 

"Smelly, crowded, noisy, ugly, bad food and enforced intimacy with random bad company about sum it up for me." @adamboultonSKY  won't be going to the pub tomorrow:

Edouard Philippe's televised updates to the nation, providing sober analysis and pragmatic instructions, brought reassurance to a country fatigued by Macron’s attempts to be a modern day Charles de Gaulle. @MutazElNour  on the French PM's resignation: