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Richard Hinds

Sportswriter, ABC Offsiders panelist. Columns Monday and Friday at Community sport and participation.

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No biggie. Botham will hurt until my dying day. The Stokes game is but a flesh wound.

My column: Boxing will continue to defy societal trends so long as people are prepared to pay to watch two men punch each other in the head.

He’s actually taking the guernsey out so he can fill the liner with this week’s off the book player payments...

@Kate_ohalloran  I’d be happy to host those disputing fairer wages for elite women’s sport at our local junior girls cricket and Aussie Rules competitions. They can see the enormous growth in participation and future revenue created by current role models for themselves.

My ICC team had a pretty good win on the weekend...

The response to men who advocate for women’s sport (from men who don’t) is often that you are “virtue signalling” or even, put politely, looking for a “date”. Or could it be possible we enjoy watching women play and - gasp! - empathise with the struggles they still face?

Look forward to their next pod...

My @OffsidersABC  column: Mo Farah is the latest Olympic athlete to make us wonder if seeing really is believing.


Anyone else tired of the childish and predictable mocking of visiting teams by Australian media? It’s become a boorish tradition that reflects poorly on our country. #AUSvIND 

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I’m not a scientist so I can’t tell you unequivocally what impact climate change is having. I’m a journalist so I call tell you unequivocally that reporting on climate change has has been, and even now remains, hopelessly and dangerously compromised.

What shames my fellow old white guys attacking this young girl is that none of them are willing to engage on an intellectual basis. Just puerile mockery and “go to your room!” lectures. It’s as if they can’t mount a credible argument...

My column: It’s difficult enough running and funding a community sports club without being set a fools errand. via @abcnews 

Journalists hate to strike. They are hardworking creatures of habit. A 7 day strike at #fairfax  is a sign of utter despair. Please support.

Disappointing lack of tributes to Les Murray in Melb papers. He didn't retire from AFL or get suspended. He just elevated an entire sport.

So that was #Macklemore . Anyone have a sudden compulsion to marry Cory Bernardi's dog? Me neither. #NRLGrandFinal  #VoteYes 

As a kid Australia Day was a few people doing a recreation of the First Fleet landing in Sydney on the news. Later it became an excuse for drunks to dress up in Cronulla Capes. The retrospective "meaning" invested in this day by conservatives is hilarious. #ChangeTheDate 

Climate change is a demonstrable fact. Climate change denial is an ideology.