Saint John Paul / Manila Cathedral Friday Sunday

The blood relic of Saint John Paul II is set to be shown again at the Manila Cathedral from Friday to Sunday, May 18 to 20. #PHNEWS 

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Saint John Paul / Manila Cathedral Friday Sunday

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“F-ck off,” Seth Rogen told one "All Lives Matter" commenter. “You don’t deserve my movies anymore. Stop watching my shit.”

Eyewitness accounts and videos show that police are not always firing in response to a threat and that nonviolent protesters and observers have been targeted or caught in the crossfire.

Many parents may be looking for books to help talk to their kids about the unrest across the nation. Here are suggestions for children of all ages.

The Marine veteran returning from his job at Kings County Hospital Center says he told the officers, “I’m just trying to go home,” and that they responded: “Well, you picked the wrong time to do that.”

Mayor of St. Paul, Minnesota, Melvin Carter, says "We're not gonna federalize our National Guard troops, and use them against our American people."

New Monmouth poll reveals just how much Black Lives Matter has successfully transformed public opinion over the last seven years. In 2015, 51% of Americans said racial discrimination was a big problem-- in 2020, 76% say it is Only 7% say it's not a problem

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Demonstrations and civil unrest continue across the United States following the death of George Floyd in police custody in Minneapolis, Minn.

The President told MPs today he will open up the economy in THREE weeks. " Mkitaka kuendelea kunitukana huko, muendelee kuniita mlevi" #COVID19KE 

>> @anneapplebaum : "Sometimes the point isn't to make people believe a lie—it's to make people fear the liar."

The County Board issued a statement Monday night saying its officers were used “for a purpose not worthy of our mutual aid obligations.”