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WATCH: Senator Tim Kaine says U.S. Special Envoy to Syria was very "candid" in testimony today, says he was not consulted before troops were pulled out of Syria #MTPDaily  @timkaine : "What the action has done, it has emboldened American adversaries."

It’s grimly amusing that this entire crew thought saying “no quid pro quo” before demanding a quid pro quo meant they were in the clear.

Steven Crowder is saying he recorded video showing Tulsi Gabbard was removed from Youtube search after Hillary's Russia comments made her a viral trend. He says it only affected US search results. When using a VPN he got clear results

Depth of the debt the USA owes to this still unnamed whistleblower is almost unfathomable. A broad criminal conspiracy, a plot against a second presidential election, gross abuses of power. Apparently we never wld have learned of any of it if not for this single person.

Bernie Sanders pledges to end practice of prosecuting whistleblowers under the Espionage Act

Trump should resign the presidency. But unless he does or is removed, it’s impossible to read Taylor's testimony and not demand a full audit of Trump’s diplomacy.

No 10 confirms tonight after the vote they’ll try to push for election if EU offers delay

Key impeachment witness says there was quid pro quo tied to Ukraine aid

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Also grimly amusing: because they are such incompetent weirdos about not filling presidential appointments, they gave a career civil servant a ringside seat to entire corrupt affair.

Read this part of Bill Taylor’s testimony. WOW! “I sensed something odd...”

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