WATCH: Carlos Yulo's message to his supporters #SEAGames2019  Full story:

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Just in: Ex AMU student leader Farhan Zuberi booked for giving threat to behead for blasphemy #IndiaWillBackFrance 

President Donald Trump is banking on inaccurate polling as he seeks to pull out yet another surprise election victory, but the 2020 race is nothing like 2016

From @WSJopinion : When politicians lift their lockdowns, and Americans can get on with their prudently cautious lives even in a pandemic, people work, business invests and the economy grows, writes The Editorial Board

BREAKING: Downing Street launches leak inquiry after the details of a meeting between the Prime Minister and Cabinet members about a potential second national lockdown were disclosed to journalists. Read more here:

Downing Street confirms press conference at 4pm

"No, doctors do not profit by listing someone as being covid positive on a death certificate,” Dr.Bhadelia says of Pres. Trump's claim. “In fact, most doctors I know have seen cuts to their salary...and their hospitals suffer major financial losses."

Queenslanders have been telling Murdoch to go shove it today. Still a way to go though before it’s all done & dusted. My thanks to all who helped put this little video together on how unlevel the Murdoch playing field is. Sign #MurdochRoyalCommission  here

BREAKING: [As of 5 p.m., October 31] Tropical Cyclone Wind Signal#1 , Signal #2  and Signal #3  have been raised over the following areas due to Typhoon#RollyPH : READ:

Asked whether he thinks there is any danger in holding campaign rallies while coronavirus cases continue to rise across the country, Pres. Trump tells @ABC  News, "No, I don't at all, no. And they're outdoor rallies. They're all outdoors."