To our readers in Mindanao, do you have personal photos or videos you can share of this morning's quake? Please comment here! #QuakePH 

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@stinchfield1776 : It's all staged and scripted for Biden but he still can't help but embarrass himself in front of the 'ministry of pansies.'

Remember when Texas Republicans were lying about wind and solar being responsible for scarcity in energy production during the winter storm blackout, and said we needed to rely more on natural gas

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Despite his banishment from the platform, well wishes for Donald Trump trended on Twitter on the former president's 75th birthday.

JUST IN: Dispute over a mask at a grocery store in Georgia, the United States, results in one person being killed and another two being injured in the shootout.

When measuring the balance of power among great powers today, allies are a huge advantage for the US. China has no real allies. Nor does Russia.

A grocery store cashier in the Atlanta area has been killed and three other people wounded in a shooting that followed an argument over wearing face masks in the supermarket, authorities say.

Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene publicly apologized for her remarks last month comparing COVID-19 mask requirements and vaccinations to the Nazi Holocaust that killed 6 million Jews

"I think we forgot how crazy things got under Pres. Trump," fmr. Amb. McFaul says."The contrast is really striking, but it's very important because without that kind of continuity and credible commitment to the NATO alliance, the alliance means nothing."

Please take the knife out of @Rep_LizCheney’s back before you tweet such ludicrous bullshit @GOPLeader  . You have betrayed the country one too many times. You advertised how much you hate America when you posted a photo of yourself groveling to the terrorist leader at Mar-a-Lago.

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Large black smoke rises up from a massive fire caused by an explosion at a chemical plant in Rockton, Illinois. Authorities are allowing the fire to burn itself out — which could take several days — instead of trying to extinguish it with more water.