@JamesOKeefeIII  @Project_VeritasS  @CNNo  @cary_poarch  CNN doesn't violate twitter rules but innocent people exercising their 1st amendment rights asking questions, observing horrific truths get banned instead? Where are the regulators/legislators/law enforcement/SCOTUS? et al, who else? make it an issue, Sick of IT

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GBP/USD benefits from British political plays ahead of UK employment data #GBPUSD  #Politics  #TradeWar  #Employment  #Majors 

Good Morning from #Germany  which suffers from severe underinvestment in Information & Comm Tech. While US & China allocate half of their R&D spending to balanced mix of ICT, EU as a whole allocates to those sectors only 1/5th of its spending. Figure for Germany is 14%. (via TSL)

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African swine fever has wiped out a quarter of the world’s pigs, raising fears of a prolonged shortage of the critically important blood thinner, heparin

This is the No. 1 thing that holds you back from success, says @DealNoDealCNBC  host @howiemandel . via @CNBCMakeIt 

😕😕😕 Well, I guess the pressure is off...what an amazing football game!

Übermensch is a being who knows who he is, 4 whom life is a cosmic tragedy because he has to die, and knowing that, choses a a God from the many available, to live out his life as his chosen God deems fit, heroically & on an epic scale, 2 fully explore what it means 2 be alive.

Rising car prices force man to buy $27,000 Jeep with a $45,000 loan

Google signs healthcare data and cloud computing deal with Ascension

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The NBA's dust-up with China has rocked Tencent, which paid $1.5 billion for exclusive rights to stream games