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Two days after @IndiaToday  expose @DelhiPolice  says it has identified armed woman in the mask — Komal Sharma who says she’s an ABVP activist. She’s been underground since Jan 5. Delhi Police has asked her to join the probe. Hope floats. Good journalism triggers action. Jai Ho.

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Shocking to see masked vigilantes with rods walking about as @DelhiPolice  merrily watches them go by. Elsewhere cops have opened fire with lethal consequences for lesser provocation. Top cops and their political bosses need to explain why police took no action against goons.

Thousands of citizens participate in a charged up protest in Mumbai. You don’t listen to what they are saying. Many of these youngsters were once your supporters. Instead you pick one poster and blow it out of all proportion. Classic case of missing the woods for the trees.

Good that big Bollywood stars, with much to lose, like @deepikapadukone  @aliaa08  @sonamakapoor  have taken clear positions against the violence in JNU. They can hardly be called the usual suspects or the tukde-tukde gang. It’s the major male actors who’s silence is now deafening.

Thank you for your words of appreciation. Real stars of the day are Jamshed Khan & Nitin Jain, crack reporters from @IndiaToday  Special Investigation Team. Proud of their ground work. To extract a confession is not easy. The newsroom doffs its hat to these heroes. #JNUTapes 

Akshat Awasthi now says he’s ‘not in any way associated with the ABVP.’ Here he is on the front page of national newspapers at an ABVP rally. Go on. Zoom in. He’s the one holding the tricolour. #JNUTapes  Weak defences won’t fly.

Forget what netas think, fact that so many journalists from other organisations, including Times Now, Republic, Zee News have messaged, tweeted and called to congratulate for @IndiaToday  #JNUTapes  shows there’s hunger to do good journalism. Unearth truth. Don’t push propaganda.

The world’s biggest troll army has launched an all out attack. As journalists we think of this as a badge of honour. No amount of vicious trolling is going to deter us in our mission to unearth the truth. And remember everything you say today when you watch our next investigation

Taking one line from a debate and editing it to make it seem as if the anchor believes chanting Vande Mataram is anti-national is a malicious act. During the debate even the guest agreed that violence unleashed by lawyers in court was wrong. For those interested, here’s the clip: