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Writer/reporter/blogger for the Washington Post. Author of the book, Rise of the Warrior Cop.

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New at The Watch: Trying to make sense of that USA Today study on de-policing in Baltimore. https://t.co/213GiwAzC4
Has there been any reporting on who the translator is, or how she was chosen? https://t.co/KbidQndGqv
Having covered some jaw-dropping government abuse over years, I’m wary of calls for social media companies to police for conspiracy theories. Someone will be deciding what is and isn’t conspiracy theory. And lots of stuff we now know is true would once have seemed pretty nutty.
Here’s an archive link to the article that a federal judge inexplicably ordered the LA Times to “de-publish.” (https://t.co/AHvWH2pzMK)

More here: https://t.co/CAfRD9hHCX

- Putin has dirt on Trump
- Wanting leverage over White House, Putin tried to rig 2016
- Trump wasn’t personally involved
- Trump knows Putin has dirt, so acts in Putin’s interest — or at least needs Putin to think so

So no “collusion.” But shit’s still pretty bad.
Colorado judges have sealed hundreds of criminal cases since 2013. For some, court officials won't even acknowledge the case exists, much less why it was sealed. https://t.co/IXeRiJodd3
Woman alleges she had underage sex with multiple Alabama cops at drug parties hosted by the head of a drug task force. He was later elected sheriff, after which he used money earmarked for inmate meals to buy himself a beach house.

"The Aristocrats!"

Days it took to Chicago PD to release the (incriminating for CPD) Laquan McDonald video -- after a FOIA, three extensions, a denial of a FOIA, and a court order: 400

Days it took Chicago PD to release the (exonerating for CPD, it appears) Harith August video: Less than 1.
Call me crazy, but I feel like there's a lot of room between "refusing to meet with Russia" and "slagging longtime allies, the US media, and the US itself while on foreign soil; heaping unctuous praise on Russia's murderous tyrant leader; and then meeting alone with that leader."
Just whistle and walk in the other direction.
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