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Writer/reporter/blogger for the Washington Post. Author of the book, Rise of the Warrior Cop.

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Louisiana Attorney General @JeffLandry thinks that if you tell police officers that you plan to file a complaint against them, they should be allowed to arrest you charge you with a crime that could bring five years in prison. https://t.co/nneaGwJquc
@AaronWorthing Felony murder requires foreseeability. Not sure it's foreseeable that selling meth might result in a police mistakenly responding to the wrong house, resulting in gunfight with fugitive wanted for crimes unrelated to the drug offense.
911 call. Dispatch sends officers to wrong house, 20 miles away. Woman at wrong house allows search. Coincidentally, a fugitive is inside. Gunfight ensues. Cop dies. Search finds meth. Bizarrely, woman now charged with 2nd degree murder b/c of the meth. https://t.co/VOWyzPaGgV
Politicians are once again overreacting to a moral panic. And once again, these politicians’ actions will not only have destructive unintended consequences, they’ll harm the very people the politicians claim to be protecting. https://t.co/Inz0lsmzu4
Cops order man to remove his hand from his pocket. He follows their instructions, which they perceive as a threat. So they kill him. https://t.co/E5AKEK8Kmi
He compares Trump to a flashbang grenade. But in a good way. https://t.co/9aJr0HsXKL
This self-described "person of the Caucasian persuasion" really did not like our book. https://t.co/DOcpBGBlvT
A couple years ago, a police officer wrote a piece about how frequently white people call the cops on black people for "suspicious" behavior that was completely innocuous, and how difficult this makes his job. Anyone recall it, and where it was published?
Free legal advice: Anytime you say something you regret to someone, if you hand them $10 and say, “I definitely want privilege on that,” they can never repeat it to anyone.

This works for all privileges — attorney-client, spousal, doctor patient, TV commentator, white, etc.
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