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Need a word to describe the journalistic phenomenon of feeling euphoric upon realizing you’ve just found a big f*****g story, and dread because the reason it’s a big f*****g story is that terrible things are happening to people.
To be fair, most of Willie’s words these days are blunt words. https://t.co/gLz3z8cQ3a
The AI/cyborg project known as “Sen. Ted Cruz” appeared to glitch when asked about Botham Jean. Actual quotes:

“The individual ... was at home in his apartment and found himself murdered.”

“I don’t think we should jump to any conclusions.”

@Pramis I honestly don’t know. It’s a really difffucult thing to judge. I personally think her claims wouldn’t suffice for a conviction, but have enough merit to keep him off the court. But I wasn’t wild about the guy to begin with. I’d guess it won’t change most votes either way.
“We should wait until Kavanaugh and Ford testify before passing judgment.”

Seems prudent. But a word of caution: Most of us are pretty bad at assessing truthfulness. The ability to project honesty/sincerity isn’t always indicative actual truth-telling. The reverse is true, too.
I did not seek out this headline. It appeared in my timeline. It's only fair that you suffer the same fate. https://t.co/oKCIqQPuPM
One more thing on today's post: Thank you to WP copy editor @KCoward02 for taking on the tedious task of double checking my work and making sure I characterized all of these studies accurately. (Disclosure: She caught a few mistakes.) https://t.co/dNuWIJ55XE
A college penalized members of its academic staff for writing letters asking for leniency for a criminal defendant. https://t.co/99jdgbsYkO
An interesting (and damning) thing I learned researching this post: My wife @LilianaSegura suggested I look at studies of light and dark-skinned blacks. Sure enough. The more “African” a black person’s color/ features, the worse the system treats them. https://t.co/L91nMf4dKp
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