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Writer/reporter/blogger for the Washington Post. Author of the book, Rise of the Warrior Cop.

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Kirkus kindly put Cadaver King at the top of their best Crime and Justice books of 2018. https://t.co/6zoRWjqlPN
The Barr appointment puts the lie to the notion that Trump ever had any allegiance to criminal justice reform. To the extent that he supports it at all, saving his own ass is far more important. And of course, Barr came after Sessions, the last person you’d appoint for reform.
Ordered the official White House Christmas tree ornament this year. Just arrived in the mail.
Good morning. The president has been tweeting again. https://t.co/SCkPO2GXcx
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My intrepid wife and her badass colleague have been on this story for 3 years. It's a gobsmacking tale of murder, wrongful conviction, and ineptitude.

Listen to the podcast!
Read the story! https://t.co/MCxqajtaY8https://t.co/WjEjUZWm8L
Much gratitude to local journalists like and , who serve as media witnesses to state executions, including last night's electrocution. I can't imagine the trauma of watching something like that, but it's so important that they were there.
This is great news. Scott also ran on a police reform platform. https://t.co/Pvzfp8R6Jq
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