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Dermot O'Leary

'Are you crazy? The fall will probably kill you.' instagram: @radioleary .Not the best at DMs, far better to shout from a window, or send carrier pigeon.

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This week I chatted with Clint Mansell - film score composer, member of 90s rock band 'Pop Will Eat Itself' (legends) and all-round interesting/lovely man. Full Episode available here

RadioHQ: today on @BBCRadio2  Saturday Breakfast we're looking at the main issue of lockdown...when your zoom quiz has descended in to chaos... Disputed questions? Dodgy marking? Looking up answers when the lines go down? Let us know (and put your name if you want to be read out)

Breakfast HQ: Never been a more apt time for Thank A Teacher Day, so come on, @BBCRadio2  airwaves are yours for the thankings - BUT a bit outside the box - 'Thank you Mrs Harlow for teaching me that shepherds pie does NOT contain shepherds' (I was 5...)

Food parcels drop with the London Irish Centre team... got to look after the Mammys. Proud to be patron of this place. And the work they are doing. Plus we ‘Raised a glass to JFK and a dozen more besides’…


Morning @donnybelles  Good luck today. Let's hope you get back where you belong.x

Big day for Ireland today. Not normally one for asking people to vote one way or another. But as an Irish son and brother, no state should have the right to tell a woman what to do with her body. #Repealthe8th 

HQ: Delighted to announce that will be swinging by my Saturday Breakfast Show this Sat 8-10am #earlyrisersassemble 

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This is a must read for any football fans out there. Hope Doncaster appeals are heard. Utter farce.

Huge pride and admiration for @Louis_Tomlinson  last night. Can't imagine how hard that was. Big love.

Good afternoon. After eight wonderful years on @TheXFactor  it's time for me to move on.

Congrats Celtic... Cue the unfollow from Rangers fans.

Hey @ollyofficial  Ahoy my friend. Keep that head up. Happens to us all. X

@possiblyashton @NaughtyBoyMusic  @BBCRedButton  @comicrelief  He's leaking my solo material later too.