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I was told over a week ago I would be welcome to testify at tomorrow's nursing home hearings in New York. A formal request was expected on Friday, but then all of a sudden I wasn't on the list anymore. The democrats didn't even have the decency to respond to me.

Literally getting my smile back (and forth and back and forth...) 😁🤡 Tune in to my 2nd #SmileSunday  livestream on today at NOON PT 🙃 I’ll be showing you more merch, and may play more snippets 🎶

Anyone else pack like this? 😂

NEW: At least 9 #COVID19  cases reported at North Paulding HS in Georgia days after viral photo of crowded hallway

Simon Cowell is being treated in a hospital and will have surgery

12 years ago today, we lost the legend Bernie Mac. You are missed. ❤️🕊

Happy birthday king Von love you my nigga 🐐

3) I can only assume the reasoning behind the sudden cancellation. I’ve never in my life been a political person, but the circumstances I’ve found myself in has given me no choice but to be a voice for the thousands who don’t have one. And I will continue to speak out.

2) The only person that emailed me back was Republican assemblyman @Byrne4NY  who not only passed on his condolences, requested repeatedly to his colleagues and fellow lawmakers that I be allowed to speak as someone who lost both in-laws to COVID 19 in NY eldercare facilities.

Progressive academics and journalists think they are somehow OUTSIDE the American class structure. They don’t recognize themselves for what they are, struggling, grasping, pseudo-intellectual, culturally impoverished members of what Orwell termed the “upper lower class”