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Quartz India is a business news outlet covering India and its place in the world.

Latest Scoops

These portraits of India’s last tattooed headhunters capture a vanishing culture
Watch an Indian traffic cop reduce road accidents with his incredible dance moves
The ladyboss whose technology has been getting Indians hitched for nearly 20 years
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The life of Gandhi through his grandson’s eyes
Jasmine to chocolate: In sex-shy India, flavoured condoms are way more popular than regular rubbers
5,000-year old rock art found in India is likely the oldest depiction of a supernova
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The ancient Indian aphrodisiacs from the Kamasutra lurking in your cupboard
Careless employees pose the biggest cybersecurity threat to Indian companies

The Most Relevant

India’s supreme court has finally ruled that having sex with an underage wife counts as rape
Xi sells Seychelles by India’s seashore as Modi’s foreign policy drowns
Indian banks may have an over Rs30,00,00,00,00,000 bad loan storm coming
With Trump as president, China—China!—will be the world’s biggest champion of fighting climate change
Already Asia’s worst performing currency, the Indian rupee might fall further
IKEA’s latest challenge in India: a cooked caterpillar
India’s highest-paid female star earns less than half of what her male counterpart does
The tables have turned: India’s internet trolls are now mocking Narendra Modi
A Chennai girl’s rise from Madras University to General Motors’s first female CFO
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