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Questlove Gomez

never a teacher, always a student. the correct answer is always PB&J.--oh i do have 15 actual jobs #BlueCollar1Percenter.

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One Love to Ecstasy of the Legendary #Whodini . This man was legendary and a pivotal member of one of the most legendary groups in hip hop. This is sad man.

@StephLauren  A story most 30rockers don’t know: I was walking in the building & a caravan fleet of cars pulled up like 4 deep. It wasn’t election time so I was puzzled “who would pull up so presidential like?” No SNL that week & I knew the other guests on the other shows that week. (Pt 1)

@StephLauren  but you couldn’t tell me Obama wasn’t on someones show. So I laid in the cut to see who was gonna get out. All the security wore Steve Harvey like suits & gators so I ruled BO out. Then she ascended in the most royal way possible....(pt 2)

@StephLauren  Now whenever Aretha Franklin comes to 30rock my 1st thought was “oh no she gonna make us turn all the air off 🙄🙄” (she’s legendary for this move, studio becomes 109 degrees 🥵)—-I wasn’t prepared for living in oven energy on this day—-however I went up to nbc security (pt 3)

@StephLauren  & I said “was she last min addition? Wish idda known I woulda rocked a tshirt or something light” nbc security says to me: “she was taping live w Regis/Kel & had a craving for the chili she had when she taped Fallon” I was like (pt 4)

yo @twitter  end his account now. end his account NOW.


these acts against leslie jones....are sickening. its racist & sexist. it's disgusting. this is hate crimes. this aint "kids joshing round"

man just getting my hearing back from #BTSonFallon  ---it was some NKOTB 90/Duran Duran 82/Beatles Sulivan/James Brown TAMI Show level of screaming in 6b today, I never knew an act in entertainment could still command that kinda frenzy in today's climate

Dear California: how did y’all organize same sex marriage, legalize weed, give us near 30 nba hall of farmers & a gazillion other things but somehow not adjust y’all nightlife laws to go past 1:30am? Y’all gone let NYC (4am) son y’all like that?

so i witnessed @bts_bighit  #fallontonight  audience has NEVER been this crazy ever dayum

so all you you "mad at national anthem kneelers" w verification checks----yall got another 2 cents for #TerenceCruthcher  or nah?

How. in. The. Fuh. Did. She. Pull. That. Shiii. OFF!!!!??? It’s like 170 musicians onstage. I mean the stage plotting. The patch chords. How many monitor boards were used??! Bandleading that shit woulda gave me anxiety. Hats off man. Jesus H Christ.

Praying for him. This ain’t funny one bit. This ain’t gossip/cancel/snark worthy—-this is a life on the path to expiration

Lol at y’all Jill Scott newbies. Y’all thought she was incense and sandals huh?

Awww how nice: Lynching just got voted as a federal crime guys! Yay