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The first rubber condoms were made to measure, and designed to be reusable.

To help speed up the solving-time for Rubik’s Cubes, lubricants can be used to grease the joints. These include Cubicle Lubicle, Cosmic Lube and Lubix Cube.

Pythagoras thought he was reincarnated from the son of the god Hermes.

In 2019 a Danish politician paid for ads on Pornhub. When questioned he said "Half the internet is porn and you need to be where the voters are."

Certain plants use a combination of acid and hair-like roots to dissolve and extract nutrients from solid rock.

A study has shown that 1 in 5 men would give up sex for a year to get the 'perfect beard'.

Snails will sleep for up to three years if the weather isn't good enough.

The human body has taste receptors all over the place – including in the respiratory system, bladder, colon, brain, liver, and testes.


Until 1979, Sweden classified homosexuality as a mental illness. That year, activists took the classification as an illness to its logical extent - Swedes called in too gay to go to work.

Word of the day: TASLEEK (Saudi Arabic) - to nod along and pretend you care what another person is saying

On October 1st 1861, Charles Darwin wrote in his diary: ‘I am very poorly today and very stupid and hate everybody and everything’

In English, a "French exit" is to sneak out of a party without telling anyone. In French, it is known as "partir à l’anglaise" - to leave the English way.

Independence from Britain is celebrated somewhere in the world, on average, one in every seven days.

Word of the day: HIMBO (late 80s slang) - an attractive but unintelligent man

Word of the day: BORIS-NORIS (19th century) - to go on blindly, without any thought of risk or decency

In Washington DC, the Slovakian and Slovenian embassies meet once a month to exchange wrongly addressed mail.

Word of the Day: ÁILLEÁNACH (Irish) - an attractive and yet useless man.