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When Victoria Band's son was diagnosed with hearing loss, she wished she could give him a doll with hearing aids to reflect his disability. Last year, she started her own line of dolls with scars, cleft lips, hearing aids and oxygen tanks.

Isolation may be a greater risk than COVID-19 for residents of Canada's nursing homes

In Karachi, planting dense urban forests could save the city from extreme heat #TheWorldsBigFix 

@NASA  launched the Perseverance rover into space for its journey to Mars. Astrobiologist Sarah Stewart Johnson helped design it. She spoke to @livingonearth  about her new book, "The Sirens of Mars."

The United Farm Workers@UFWupdates ) said it will file charges with the National Labor Relations Board alleging Primex Farms failed to protect employees and illegally retaliated against them for protesting.

The nature of the coronavirus has interrupted many rituals of mourning, from visiting the bedsides of the dying to holding funerals. That could lead to a "tsunami of grief" later on, says psychiatry professor Dr. Harvey Chochinov.

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The devastating fire at Notre Dame coated the cathedral's organ in toxic lead dust that must now be painstakingly removed.

Thousands of boda boda drivers have been out of work since March. Last week, the Ugandan government allowed them to get back on the road — with some health restrictions. 🏍️💨

As Spain experiences what some are calling a “possible second wave” of the coronavirus, politicians are sending mixed messages about its fledgling tourism industry. @lmbenav  reports from Catalonia.


Han Dongfang, who led protests in Tiananmen Square 30 years ago, is now marching with anti-government demonstrators in Hong Kong. They have a different kind of determination, he says — "they are ready to burn together if it burns."

A very loving and affectionate, purring cat called Bilbo has his own podcast. In each episode, Bilbo purrs for 30 minutes straight to the delight of thousands of listeners. This is his story.

"The vast majority of political appointees are donors with almost no foreign policy experience. And I think that practice needs to stop," says former US Amb. Michael @McFaul .

“No people ever recognize their dictator in advance,” one reporter wrote in 1935.

"The [Defense] Production Act has two parts. The first is a president invokes it," @juliettekayyem , former DHS adviser, told The World. "It has the second part, which is it has to be executed. ... That part has not happened."

Iraqi family barred from flight to US had sold home, quit jobs, taken kids out of school to settle in Nashvill

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THREAD 1/ DO IRISH VOTERS GIVE A DAMN? There’s a referendum in Ireland on whether to remove an article from the constitution outlawing #blasphemy . , religious affairs correspondent , tells what’s what.

A Russian court sentenced a former US Marine to nine years in prison Thursday over a drunken incident he says he cannot remember. The World spoke with former US Ambassador to Russia @McFaul  on what the case means for US-Russia relations.

Who would’ve thought that the redactions to the #MuellerReport  could make a catchy song? ⬛?⬛?⬛?⬛?⬛?⬛?⬛ ⬛?⬛?SOUND ON ?⬛?⬛? ⬛?⬛?⬛?⬛?⬛?⬛?⬛ The pitch and volume change when pages are heavily redacted