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1/ On The World 🌎 today, a special episode on the Arab uprisings, 10 years on 📻 ▪️Leila Bouazizi on the lingering pain of losing her brother @Shirinj  ▪ @shadenkhallaf  of @Refugees  on lessons from mass migration 🇪🇬The state of human rights in Egypt/ @RupaShenoy 

Why is Arizona trending blue? Ask Latinos and immigrants who live there.

This event is part of #Every30Seconds  , a collaborative reporting project looking at the Latino vote in the 2020 Election. In partnership with @KUOW  , @KPBSnews  , @keranews  , @WLRN  , @wabenews  , @wunc  and @kjzzphoenix  . More ⬇️

1/ On Thanksgiving Day, The World will bring you a special hour filled with music and stories of migration from four artists with Ethiopian, Sudanese, Mexican and Syrian backgrounds. 🎶 Meklit Hadero 🎶 Sinkane 🎶 Diana Gameros 🎶 Hello Psychaleppo 🎵🔗

"Chess gained tremendous popularity over the last few weeks and I hope it will be the beginning of a new boom, especially among girls," grandmaster Garry Kasparov@Kasparov63 ) told The World's host @MarcoWerman .

"No Road Back Home,” by Abduqadir Jalalidin, a detained Uighur poet, bears witness to the suffering of Uighurs in Chinese so-called “reeducation” camps. The poem traveled by word of mouth from China to New Jersey, where @jlfreeman6  translated it. 🔗

Libyan American poet Khaled Mattawa@kmattawa ) penned "Now That We Have Tasted Hope" in 2011, on the heels of an uprising in Libya that led to the ousting of President Muammar Gaddafi. Looking back, the poem's message of hope still resonates.

@McFaul : Blinken has a chance to 'reinvigorate America's place in the world'


Han Dongfang, who led protests in Tiananmen Square 30 years ago, is now marching with anti-government demonstrators in Hong Kong. They have a different kind of determination, he says — "they are ready to burn together if it burns."

A very loving and affectionate, purring cat called Bilbo has his own podcast. In each episode, Bilbo purrs for 30 minutes straight to the delight of thousands of listeners. This is his story.

“No people ever recognize their dictator in advance,” one reporter wrote in 1935.

"The vast majority of political appointees are donors with almost no foreign policy experience. And I think that practice needs to stop," says former US Amb. Michael @McFaul .

Iraqi family barred from flight to US had sold home, quit jobs, taken kids out of school to settle in Nashvill

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"The [Defense] Production Act has two parts. The first is a president invokes it," @juliettekayyem , former DHS adviser, told The World. "It has the second part, which is it has to be executed. ... That part has not happened."

The Senate Intelligence Committee released the final volume of its report on Russian interference. It's nearly 1,000-pages and mostly takes a look back. But it's filled with clear warnings for this election. Host @MarcoWerman  speaks with Sen. @MarkWarner .

THREAD 1/ DO IRISH VOTERS GIVE A DAMN? There’s a referendum in Ireland on whether to remove an article from the constitution outlawing #blasphemy . , religious affairs correspondent , tells what’s what.

Niloofar Rahmani faced multiple threats to herself and her family by the Taliban. She's seeking asylum in the US

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