Committee to Protect

Committee to Protect

The Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) is an independent, nonprofit organization that promotes #pressfreedom worldwide. Contact:

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In a brief submitted to the U.S. Court of Appeals for D.C., CPJ argued that the U.S. intelligence community should confirm or deny the existence of documents that may provide information on its awareness of threats to the life of #Khashoggi  . Read more:

Army bars journalists from reporting on Beirut’s Hamra Street, citing permit regulations

#MostRead this week: Unidentified attackers shoot and kill 2 journalists in Honduras

#MostRead this week: Tanzania bans Kwanza Online TV for 11 months citing ‘misleading’ Instagram post on COVID-19

Do you have a safety question about reporting amid #COVID19 ? Ask a #CPJEmergencies  expert for advice. Please complete one of the forms below: For newsrooms: For journalists: More resources:

#MostRead this week: Russian journalist Ivan Safronov charged with treason; journalists arrested at protests for his release

Inside #TheTorch  newsletter this week: CPJ appeals ruling to find out whether US government failed to warn Khashoggi


#MostRead this week: Hong Kong police attack and detain journalists covering protests

Police in #HongKong  must stop attacking and harassing journalists and ensure the safety of reporters covering protests.

In the past 25 years, 1230 journalists were killed worldwide in relation to their work. These are only 10 of them. They are #NotTheEnemy .

CPJ calls on to restore credentials of CNN correspondent , and stop denigrating media. CC:

53 journalists have been killed in line of duty worldwide this year. Read their names and stories in the following thread. #pressfreedom 

Since the death of #GeorgeFloyd  in police custody sparked #protests  across the U.S., police have assaulted and arrested journalists covering them—in some cases causing serious injury. CPJ's @MustafaHameed  compiled some of the shocking moments caught on video. #PressFreedom 

On April 28, #HongKong  police arrested two Next Magazine reporters on allegations of loitering