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  3. amazing @mosalah! a new record for #pl goals in a 38-match season
Amazing @MoSalah!

A new record for #PL goals in a 38-match season
Amazing @MoSalah! 

A new record for #PL goals in a 38-match season


New Mexico is applying for a waiver with the NCAA to obtain full eligibility for Carlton Bragg next season, per Paul Weir. Currently set to be eligible in December.
Sorry to say that Asha Andrews has been ruled out of the tournament because of injury.

Good luck Asha for the new season and get well soon.

Atlanta United​'s Josef Martinez has already equaled Major League Soccer​'s single-season goals record that's stood for over two decades.

Atlanta still have 9 games left.
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Ahead of the pre-season friendly versus Gloucester on Saturday, Club Grants Officers came together to receive the new Club Funding Model, which has been in development for the past 6 months.

Full story » https://t.co/6194rFxW8A
PW on Proctor | "We've been really patient with him for his own benefit. He's no time behind the lads, just match time. He was amazing against Wigan and I've got full confidence to involve him now."
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