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  3. ⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️ that feeling when you bag the golden boot 👏 @hkane #worldcup

That feeling when you bag the Golden Boot 👏

@HKane #WorldCup

That feeling when you bag the Golden Boot 👏

@HKane  #WorldCup


3rd @lyft driver to start the ride when they are more than 3 mins away. Is this some type if scam? Has anyone else noticed this? If I'm standing outside and it says your driver is here departing in 4 mins but he is 5 mins away what does that sound like to you? Just noticing this!
Mo Claiborne didn’t like the holding penalty: “This is how I feed my family and when you make calls like that, you mess that up for me.” #Jets
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💬 “You don’t want to throw them in when things are not going right but they deserve an opportunity now and I think we need to look at that”

@CCMariners are ready to give the kids a chance.

Manny on Herm:
"You see it in guys' eyes on the field. There's a want to play for him. When you have a group of guys that want to play for your head coach, the sky's the limit."
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