Indian / Kansas February

The widow of the Indian man murdered in Kansas in February anti-immigrant hate crime now faces deportation from US.

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Indian / Kansas February

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I’m not ashamed to admit I got just a little bit weepy when I saw Wunala Dreaming.

Biden: “Tom Steyer was one of the largest investors in private prisons in the United States of America while I was trying to get rid of private prisons and Barack was trying to get rid of private prisons.” Watch Steyer's defense below 👇🏻 #DemDebate 

C.D.C. Officials Warn of Coronavirus Outbreaks in the U.S.

Still stuck in the OR room and chatted with the OR nurse on how they would handle coronavirus. She said she didn't know, then noted they kept anyone symptomatic out of OR. (Doesn't work that way, you spread #Covid-19  before symptoms/)

EUR/USD: Low volatility environment has ended, put demand weakens By @godbole17  #EURUSD  #Majors  #Volatility  #Options 

Trump promises an even bigger farmer bailout if needed by @adrianambells 

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Trade the virus like the trade war, Medley's Ben Emons says

Asian markets continue to pull back on fears of growing global outbreak

Tonight’s #DemDebate  had neither moderators nor moderates.

"Can you do the math for the rest of us?" Bernie Sanders answers a question at the #DemDebate  on the cost of his signature "Medicare for All" proposal