Trapped Malaysia / North Korea

Trapped in Malaysia doesn't carry quite the same punch as trapped in North Korea.

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Trapped Malaysia / North Korea

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Too Much Bullishness Has Left Sellers in Control of Stock Market

@APompliano  The fact that Bitcoin is up more than gold this year means nothing. If Bitcoin goes negative on the year while the gold price is still positive will you change your position on Bitcoin? If not then this year's gains are irrelevent to Bitcoin's safe haven status.

When the market tanks, ask yourself: What would Warren Buffett do? (via @CNBCMakeIt )

PayPal is investigating unauthorized transactions affecting numerous German users; a researcher says hackers could be exploiting PayPal's Google Pay integration @campuscodi  / ZDNet)

6/ -Bernie won’t concede but Democratic Party will see those who are anti-Trump + those anti-Bernie caught in impossible choice of Bad + Worse (which depends on your perspective)—w/many threatening to not vote -Instead they will choose to lose the Bernie bros who also wont vote

LATEST: More than 25,000 Cathay Pacific staff have agreed to take unpaid leave as the airline contends with the impact of the coronavirus

📽️ RICH TV LIVE: GET PAID TO TRADE * PLATINUM 600 * IM Mastery Academy ✅ via ⟶

CryptoMoonShots 🚀🌖: What coins on Coinbase are you holding, aside from ETH and BTC? 🚀 1X2T Token Launch via ⟶ √

The world’s fourth-largest pension pot — with about $1.9 trillion — is facing mounting calls to begin ditching fossil fuels

Stocks may have tanked, but RBC is seeing a lot of bullish behavior in the options market.