Patrick Chovanec

I just saw ad from Russian state TV on NY subway, telling viewers to trust them not corrupt US media. It's like a dystopian novel.

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@denniskneale  @SP500_IndexS  @JohnLekas3u  @leader_corpp  @MattMillerCubed  @herbgreenbergDK . I’m talking to guys running multi-billion-dollar hedge funds who have no confidence at all in the Admin’s preparedness. And that’s coloring their decision making.

#coronavirus is creating a classic market failure, but the fear and anxiety will ultimately translate into a tremendous buying opportunity, writes @cjoye . #markets  #ausbiz  #CoronavirusOutbreak 

In the past 250 years, almost every human endeavor has changed beyond recognition – except democracy. It's time to change that, or risk losing democracy itself, writes @AndresVelasco .

“The risk of a betrayal by the Taliban is preferable to the alternatives: a never-ending war or a humiliating, unilateral withdrawal.”

It’s the peak of hypocrisy to exercise #SchoolChoice  for your own kids while fighting to prevent other families from doing the same. #Cato2020  #CatoCEF 

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Markets wake up with a jolt to the implications of covid-19

Can you guess what 30-day chart this is? 🙃

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Altria (MO) now yields 8.3%. The dividend should be pretty safe.

If you plan to hold your stocks for 10+ years, history says now is probably a great time to buy. If you plan to hold your stocks less than a year, that's really just guessing.