Patrick Chovanec

If Trump doesn't make a major speech to denounce this stuff, he's failing his first test as our next president.

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If you wanted a confirmation that stuff like "state's rights" was always about racism — try to do something positive, and the right tries to stop you

CDC: How Americans should prepare for school and workplace closures due to coronavirus

Russia’s Norilsk says carmakers won’t switch from palladium

China's propaganda is in overdrive. A nurse’s newborn twins ask where their mom is. Another's husband, in a vegetative state, smiles as if he knows she's "engaged in a great endeavor.” A patient likes her hospital stay so much she doesn't want to leave

OPINION | Moving value chains to Southeast Asia from China has done little to reduce companies' concentration risk, writes Alicia Garcia-Herrero. #Southeastasia  #Asia  #supplychain  #China  #Taiwan  #Japan  #Singapore  #coronavirus  #auto  #Nissan 

Wendy's also out with a big beat on SSS of +4.3%. The company gearing up for a nationwide rollout of breakfast on March 2, execs don't seem concerned with competition in the AM or taking business from other parts of the day

Stock market decline has sharpened the WH attention on #Coronavirus  risks.

Truly OT, but this article about how kids have "intense interests" — often dinosaurs — had me remembering a brief period in my childhood when I was obsessed with ... tunnels. No idea why

“Non-market diversifiable risk is reduced by 46% by owning 2 stocks, 72% with 4 stocks, 81% with 8 stocks & 93% with 16 stocks.” - Joel Greenblatt