President Trump

President Trump doesn't think your hospital needs so many ventilators. Better hope he's right.

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President Trump

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#COVID19 is putting pressure on supply chains moving medical goods and food. But how can we maintain trade flows at a time when attention is focused on tightening borders? Quick action is needed, writes ADB'S Head of Trade Finance, Steven Beck. READ:

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The jobs numbers have been so bad that even the good news is bad news

This was my last Tactical Friday video . Below are also my Thoughts from the my quarterly update. Longer term and actively. (Just to share as it might add value and help- doesn’t mean it’s perfect) $spx $qqq - if u have time today

7. Turn sirens off our down. Traffic is down & many roads are fairly clear. Loud siren raise anxiety at a time when mental health is extremely fragile.

Political fight erupts over closure of Vienna’s big parks

The French must justify trips outside the home. Authorities have imposed 359,000 fines and 5.8m checks on such paperwork

RT @piersmorgan  As billionaires like Lord Sugar tell people to go sunbathing, other tycoons step up big time to help the NHS. TWISTING OF FACTS BY MORGAN TABLOID STYLE STILL WITH HIM. SHEESH GIVEN 1000's OF FREE MEALS TO NHS WORKER TROPIC TO GIVE FREE SANITISER TO NHS WORKERS

New York reports coronavirus cases to 122,031 from 113,704

China is edging toward what could be its first credit downturn in decades

I don't usually look at the per capita adjustment graphs since it's the slope of the curve that really matters. But agree with @benbfly  that it further supports the case