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Managing Director, Chief Strategist at Silvercrest Asset Management, Adjunct Professor at Columbia SIPA, former biz prof at Tsinghua University in Beijing

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The tuba player is calling it a night. Skofja Loka, Slovenia 🇸🇮
The town of Skofja Loka, Slovenia 🇸🇮
Mist over the surface of the Sava River, as it flows towards Ljubljana, Slovenia 🇸🇮
Countryside near Kamnik, Slovenia, with the Alps in the background. 🇸🇮
Bled Castle, overlooking the town and lake of the same name, in northern Slovenia 🇸🇮
Yugoslav Communist dictator Marshal Tito’s state villa at Lake Bled, Slovenia - now a hotel. 🇸🇮
Velika Planina (“Great Pasture”) is a high plateau (>5,000 feet) atop a range of steep mountains north of Ljubljana, where Slovenian herders bring their cattle for summer grazing. 🇸🇮🐄
The town of Radovljica, in northwest Slovenia, a center of beekeeping 🐝 🇸🇮
Opens Twitter.
Looks around.
Closes Twitter.
@BaldingsWorld Some of this may be cooptation, as you hint. But much of it may be a recognition, by the economics types, that the second largest economy in the world can't simply be isolated and "faced down " as some national security types like to think.
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