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Michael Powell

NYT Sports of the Times columnist. Former NYC cabbie, tenant organizer & doorman. Grew up UWS, live Brooklyn. Father 2 boyz.

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Coronavirus expert Dr. Peter Hotez reveals when we can expect a vaccine—Hint: Nowhere near Election Day. Failure of leadership by Trump on vaccines and the anti science movement. Excellent @LisaGray_HouTX  interview:

@SalAlbaneseNYC @erik_engquistV  @NYCMayore  @trdnyr  @cbcnyy  @REBNY  @Partnership4NYCm  @NYCSanitationu  @NYCSpeakerCoJoc  @NYCCouncilh  agree Sal. The lack of mayoral innovation and leadership in the face of a grim recession is striking

Stephen F. Cohen, Influential Historian of Russia, Dies at 81

"He spoke on the condition of anonymity because his office — as Washington as Washington gets — forbids employees from talking about non-work-related matters." Delicious@paulschwartzman  obit for a (closed) refuge for D.C.’s tightly wound: @washingtonpost 

Gary Cohen is not getting nearly enough credit for tossing down his Hal 9000 play-by-play voice during Friday's 14-2 Braves blowout of the Mets. And Keith and Ron played right along with the 2001 A Space Odyssey throwback night ... @SNYtv 

@nickpowellbkny  We tried Kale and quinoa frittatas washed down by strained almond milk in elementary school but somehow you and your brother Aidan kept opting for chicken nuggets and semi crushed PB&J sandwiches


“There is no light at the end of the tunnel. This was not supposed to be my life” College Lineman Became a Doctor, Thousands of hits later, Dementia has Made Him Retire. He’s Only 42. My column:

These fellows were disarmed and marched away by the cops. Then California banned guns in capitols. Wonder why different ... ?

So Trump's choice as National security advisor discussed kidnapping a legal resident of USA and shipping him to Turkey?

Mitchell Katz, head of NYC’s public hospitals, opposed shutting down city in March, telling De Blasio: “The good thing is greater than 99 percent will recover without harm.” Now @NYCMayor ⁩ has put him in charge of Virus Response

U.S. Grant was declared a slaveholder last night and his statue toppled in Ohio. There was truth there; he owned a slave for two years. But history and human understanding suffered. Grants views evolved over the course of a bloody war to end slavery. By 1863 he #thread 

America has fought and won World Wars. The USA is the most powerful economic power in the world. And we cannot produce testing kits and ventilators with a two month head start? Unconscionable

Mom, 54, dies on floor. “We never thought it was COVID,” the daughter said said. “We didn’t even realize she had it.” As coronavirus surges, Houston confronts its hidden toll: People dying at home. Excellent @Mike_Hixenbaugh  @charlesornstein : via @NBCNews 

NYC, was a city of 7 million and had 2,262 homicides in 1990. NYC now has 8.4 million pop. and 319 last year. Even this year, with a disturbing rise in shootings and homicides, is not remotely close to 1990.

I now know 7 people in NYC who have all symptoms of Coronavirus. Precisely one of them has been tested and found positive. That is to define flying blind