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Michael Powell

NYT Sports of the Times columnist. Former NYC cabbie, tenant organizer & doorman. Grew up UWS, live Brooklyn. Father 2 boyz.

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The Knicks are a Fountain of Failure, an endlessly replenished flow of mindless hooping at crunch time

"The radical overthrow of the largest and wealthiest slave society in the world is a revolutionary transformation." Famed Historian James Oakes on Anti-Slavery, the Civil War, Lincoln & the New York Times’ 1619 Project:

@chayesmatthew  Graciousness, civility, et al have gotten a bad name in this age, but I would not extrapolate that its therefore antiquated and foolish.

So Pleased that Journal of American Indian Higher Ed picked "Canyon Dreams" among Best Native Books of 2019. "Powell captures the hopes and fears of his subjects in ... beautiful passages, affirming that sports are more than just a game" :

@MUGGER1955  @craigcalcaterraThere  are two books on Presidential Campaigns worth reading. Fear and Loathing, in particular the scene where Thompson and Nixon talk football, and Richard Ben Cramer's brilliant What It Takes, the Moby Dick of political books

Rez Ball, the Navajo and My Book 'Canyon Dreams' on NPR's 1a tomorrow. With myself, coach Raul Mendoza and journalist & professor Sunnie Clahchischiligi:

The Mets’ Would-Be Rescuer Oligarch Is Far From a Hero. And not unduly burdened by ethics. My column:

Most often heard on MSG network during Knick games: “ ... and that is the largest lead of the night” And it is always about the opponent

Knicks rigorously abide by religious injunction never to fight over a pick


“There is no light at the end of the tunnel. This was not supposed to be my life” College Lineman Became a Doctor, Thousands of hits later, Dementia has Made Him Retire. He’s Only 42. My column:

So Trump's choice as National security advisor discussed kidnapping a legal resident of USA and shipping him to Turkey?

"Seaver was the immortal, the forever young, so composed and so fiercely competitive and so analytical about his efforts." Tom Terrific, the Essential Met. My column:

Trump two days ago: "But we signed a wonderful paper saying they're going to denuclearize their whole thing. It's going to all happen."

Gen. Flynn partnered with man who tried to sell stolen material to KGB. They have a brain-reading company-really.

A Reluctant Striptease. North Carolina fighting Obvious: It Engaged in Fraud & failed to educate Basketball Players:

This idiocy is on De Blasio—and he directly imperils the greatest bookstore in NYC. Breaking the back of a bookstore: How the city landmarking process will strangle the Strand - New York Daily News