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Jewish tradition calls on the rest of us to act in Ginsburg’s memory, @TheRaDR  writes in @PostEverything 

Trump might want to think twice about embracing China’s tactics, @JEPomfret  writes

A careless eye-for-an-eye ban on WeChat will make the whole world less free by depriving millions of people of the ability to communicate with their loved ones, the Editorial Board writes

GOP senators who play with fire with the Supreme Court will get scorched, @JRubinBlogger  warns

"When in doubt, do what Attila would do. Pillage, demand gold, impale defectors on stakes." From @petridishes :

Repairing the destruction the GOP caused will require a herculean effort — and sweeping reforms, @paulwaldman1  writes

Partisans on both sides are determined to turn our highest court into an explicitly political superlegislature, @asymmetricinfo  writes

The pop cult of RBG emphasized style and cheery affirmation in a way that left little room for nuance, @AlyssaRosenberg  writes

The Big Ten’s plan to restart football subverts the rights of students, Andrew Shuman and @MarcEdelman  write in @PostEverything 


"Impeachment exposed Trump’s corruption, but the confluence of a pandemic, a financial crisis and the stoking of societal divisions has roused the soul of the American people," @AVindman  writes in an op-ed.

China thinks it can defeat Hong Kong’s protesters. It can’t, @keithrichburg  writes in @PostOutlook 

An op-ed from Ukrainian politician Serhiy Leshchenko: Why is Rudy Giuliani trying to drag my country’s president into Trump’s reelection campaign?

The president was not changed by impeachment. He is as lawless and corrupt as ever. An op-ed from @RepAdamSchiff , @RepJerryNadler , @RepZoeLofgren , @RepJeffries , @RepValDemings , @RepSylviaGarcia  and @RepJasonCrow :