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Virtually, the entire Charleston peninsula is tourism-related, writes our editorial board.

But visitors would find it a lot less a lot less charming underwater.

Meet John Simpson: Clemson's lovable, huggable and huge offensive lineman

From @gmraynor:
The wait is over for Mount Pleasant residents looking for their own Costco Wholesale Club.

A new brick-and-mortar bookstore opened this week in North Charleston and holds a grand opening on Saturday.

The story be @Paul_Bowers:

Boeing commits $100 million to worker training programs in North Charleston, elsewhere

From @David_Wren_:

Accused Russian spy was guest at U.S. Rep. @MarkSanford's Thanksgiving BBQ last year

Read more:

Costco sets opening date for new Mount Pleasant store near Charleston.

The story by @WarrenLanceWise:

Congressman @MarkSanford is 'at peace' with his re-election loss, but says tribalism will destroy the country.

The story by @skropf47:

The flood warning for downtown Charleston has been extended until 7 p.m.

$35 million behavioral health center in North Charleston gets preliminary approval.

The story by @laurenmsausser:

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