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Latest Scoops

Is Mount Pleasant banning inflatable Christmas decorations?

Mayor @willhaynie took to Twitter to deflate the overblown dispute.

A South Carolina man will spend life in prison for killing a teenage store clerk he said gave him an unkind look.

U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham tweeted an overwhelmingly strong endorsement to President Donald Trump following Tuesday’s sometimes testy Oval Office showdown with Democratic leaders.

Charleston County schools continue to be a place of stark contrasts, as highlighted by the recent announcement that 9 of its schools ranked among the worst-performing in the state. All but one were located in North Charleston.

Federal Clean Water rules that protect an estimated 2 million people across South Carolina were dealt a blow Tuesday as the Trump administration made good on one of its biggest promised environmental rollbacks.

When the Charleston Rifle Club refused to admit its first black member, the decision split the club's membership.

Now, 2 more local nonprofit groups have severed ties with the Rifle Club.

Now facing 5 additional charges, this North Charleston church volunteer sexually assaulted at least 14 toddlers under his care, according to authorities.

Gov. @henrymcmaster says he's not ready to sue the Trump administration over offshore drilling.

Instead, he plans to stick with his tactic of trying to reason with the president.

Charleston-area home sales dropped more than 6% in November, but they're still on pace to meet last year’s record-setting numbers.

Typically, sea turtles swim south before waters turn too chilly in the winter. But every year, some turtles don’t make it before the cold hits.

The South Carolina Aquarium has just taken in 5 cold-stunned sea turtles from New England:

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