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Philip Hammond China trade visit called off ‘over Gavin Williamson warship row’
Labour grandee Dame Margaret Beckett tells unhappy MPs it would be 'a mistake' to quit party
John McDonnell: Labour split could keep Tories in power for a decade
WATCH Cabinet minister admits Theresa May could ditch promise to re-open Brexit deal
.@e_casalicchio has the inside track on how today's Labour breakaway came about.
ANALYSIS: Jeremy Corbyn and Tom Watson square up in a battle for Labour's soul
Blow for Theresa May as minister declares he will vote to stop a no-deal Brexit
MPs blast Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg and call for tough regulation to tackle fake news
Jeremy Corbyn leads tributes as 'kind and principled' Labour MP Paul Flynn dies at 84
WATCH: New Independent Group MP Angela Smith forced to apologise amid racism row

The Most Relevant

Read John Bercow's FULL speech slamming Donald Trump on our Liveblog:
NEW - EXCL Brussels prepared to postpone start of Brexit talks if Jeremy Corbyn becomes Prime Minister
Keir Starmer: “You can’t start a campaign tattooing ‘strong and stable’ on your forehead, then U-turn on your manifesto four days later."
NEW: Former Labour leadership challenger Owen Smith hints he could quit over Jeremy Corbyn's Brexit stance
NEW: Ruth Davidson demands Theresa May presses DUP on LGBT rights
BREAKING: Theresa May defies human rights campaigners to sign arms deal with Turkey
NEW: Labour's Angela Rayner says public 'don't want' Article 50 extension as she rubbishes second referendum
NEW: MPs vote down Labour bid to stop 1.1 million children losing their free school meals
Owen Smith: "Brexit vote began with’s ended with the PM hand-in-hand with a racist president."
WATCH: Jeremy Corbyn compares Israeli actions in West Bank to apartheid
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